4 Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

4 Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Insect Repellent

The Benefits of Thyme. Besides Cooking.

You’re probably familiar with thyme, the herb that pairs well with meats, veggies and pastas. But did you know that thyme essential oil is effective at protecting you against mosquito bites? And bonus: thyme essential oil is all-natural and does not contain any synthetic fillers or toxic chemicals. With our Insect Repellent waterless diffuser you can enjoy your outdoor adventures even more and avoid insect repellents that contain harmful ingredients. Below are 4 benefits of thyme essential oil.

Thyme Oil Can Protect You Against Mosquito Bites

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Thyme oil has been proven to fend off mosquitos, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. Our wearable diffuser is infused with citronella, thyme, rosemary and cedarwood essential oils to help keep bugs away. Simply attach the diffuser to your shirt collar or pant leg and the mosquitos will stay away because they can’t stand the smell.

In one animal study, thyme oil applied to the skin of hairless mice provided a 91 percent protection rate against mosquitoes. You can also throw thyme leaves into a campfire for added protection. Research shows that burning thyme leaves offers 85 percent protection for 60 to 90 minutes. 

Thyme Oil May Help Fight Bacterial Infections

Thyme oil may also be effective at preventing food poisoning. A 2013 in vitro study found that thyme oil showed potential as a natural preservative of food products against several common food-borne bacteria that cause human illness, even at low concentrations. But please note that this does not mean that ingesting thyme oil can prevent food poisoning. Putting thyme essential oil in a diffuser has also been shown to inhibit bacterial growth, but it probably won’t disinfect an entire room.

Thyme Oil May Help Boost Your Mood

Thyme essential oil may help boost your mood. It contains an active substance called carvacrol, which has shown to increase concentrations of serotonin and dopamine, two hormones that regulate mood. This substance is what makes this essential oil both aromatic and therapeutic. 

Thyme Oil May Help Prevent a Cough

Thyme essential oil, which is obtained from thyme leaves, is often used as a natural cough remedy. In a 2006 study, a combination of thyme and ivy leaves helped to alleviate coughing and other symptoms of bronchitis. So whether you drink thyme tea or put thyme essential oil in a diffuser, it may help to alleviate a cough.

Scentral Zone’s Insect Repellent diffuser can help you enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest. With citronella, thyme, rosemary and cedarwood essential oils, and no toxic chemicals or fillers, you and your family can wear it safely and confidently.