About Scentral Zone

About us

Scentral Zone was born from a need to block out bad odors, while benefiting from aromatherapy while on the go. We found there were no wearable, single-use aromatherapy accessories on the market, and it was our passion to fill that need with a user-friendly, affordable solution.

Our waterless diffusers offer fast, mess-free relief to help you feel better naturally. Simply push it open from the bottom, clip it to your shirt collar, and breathe in the pleasant aroma.

We believe in the power of essential oils to help improve the well-being of your mind, body and spirit. We’re also dedicated to discovering innovative and convenient ways to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Our values are rooted in building community—we source our 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils from ethical farms around the globe. And in a world where natural, holistic remedies are becoming more popular than ever, we take pride in knowing that the oils we use are a safe alternative for families.

Scentral Zone is proud to be a family-owned, women-led, and Minnesota-based company.


“I suffer from tension headaches, but hate using pain killers everyday. Scentral Zone’s Headache Relief diffuser provided me with the solution I was looking for.”

– Bree in Broooklyn, NY