About Scentral Zone

Scentral Zone is women owned and run in Minnesota

About us

Scentral Zone is a family owned and women led company in Edina, Minnesota. We launched with our patent-pending aromatherapy diffusers in 2021 and have expanded into high quality, aromatic personal care products for both men and women.

As a small, Midwestern company, we are committed to wellness and dedicated to discovering innovative and convenient ways to experience the benefits of essential oils in products that range from aromatherapy to skincare. 

In a world where people are seeking natural products more than ever, we take pride in knowing that our products can serve as a safe solution for families.


“I suffer from tension headaches, but hate using pain killers everyday. Scentral Zone’s Headache Relief diffuser provided me with the solution I was looking for.”

– Bree in Broooklyn, NY