11 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil 

11 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil 

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Anti-Nausea, Essential Oils, Headache Relief, Stress Less

The Miracle of Lavender Essential Oil

Of course you’ve heard of lavender essential oil, and you’ve probably also heard that it can help support sleep. But it does so much more than that! Read below about the 11 benefits of lavender essential oil. 

Lavender is a purple herb from the Mediterranean region, and its oils are extracted by way of low pressure steam distillation. Lavender essential oil is thought to help with sleep issues, depression, nausea, and stress.

So how does it work? Scent and the brain are closely related. In short, essential oils are thought to have therapeutic effects by stimulating the olfactory system, which is connected to the limbic system in the brain. This is the part of the brain that controls functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance. By simply inhaling essential oils, you can enjoy its benefits. 

11 benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender does more than just smell wonderful and help you sleep.

1) Helps support sleep

We’ve already mentioned that lavender may help you to sleep better. And getting a good night of sleep is so important for your overall health. Enough hours of sleep can do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. If you’re looking for a natural way to feel rested, look no further than lavender essential oil. It’s known for improving your body’s melatonin levels and supporting a better night’s rest. 

2) May help improve mood, anxiety and depression

Inhaling lavender may help soothe and calm the nervous system, helping to ease your depression, mood and anxiety. 

3)  Supports headache pain

Known as a natural sedative, lavender works rapidly to help relieve tension, ease anxiety, calm your mind and relax your body. All of which in return may help ease headache pain. That’s why lavender is one of the three essential oils included in our Headache Relief wearable diffuser.

4) Can act as a mosquito repellent

Lavender not only may help calm inflamed and irritating bites and stings when applied topically, but also acts as an effective insect repellent.  

5) Is a natural odor blocker

One incredible benefit of lavender is its beautiful, clean floral scent. This makes lavender a great natural choice as an odor blocker. 

6) May provide nausea relief

Lavender oil may help relieve feelings of nausea or motion sickness. This is a great natural solution for pregnant women, kids who suffer from car sickness, those who experience sea sickness, and anyone impacted by a stomach bug or food poisoning and more. Our Anti-Nausea wearable diffusers, which contains lavender, ginger, peppermint and bergamot, work great at helping to settle an upset stomach, no matter the cause.

7) May lend itself to brain health

Thanks to its potent antioxidant properties, lavender oil is known for helping to improve memory loss and dementia symptoms. 

8) Could help with joint pain management

As a natural painkiller, lavender may help ease muscle or joint pain or aches. 

9) May help with stress management

Everyone goes through stressful situations at times. Lavender oil has therapeutic properties to help calm your body and mind after a hectic day. Breathe in the aroma of our Stress Less blend that contains lavender, cassia, ylang ylang and vanilla, to reduce feelings of tension and promote relaxation.

10) Supports hair and scalp health

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, lavender oil may reduce scalp inflammation and dry scalp. 

11) Has potential to aid in wound repair

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The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties in lavender oil may help heal scrapes and wounds, small burns, and offer relief from sunburn. Our Make Dew Vegan Salve was formulated with lavender to help soothe and soften dry skin.