Why Is Self-Care So Important?

Why Is Self-Care So Important?

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Aromatherapy

Improve Your Wellbeing with Self-Care

Self-care is often misunderstood as splurging on things you don’t need, or behaving in self-indulgent ways. But that’s not true self-care.

True self-care is so important because it means taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health and wellbeing—whatever that means for you! When we feel off kilter, unbalanced or depleted, it usually means that we’ve run ourselves ragged and it’s time for a reset. It’s often too easy as parents, care givers and employees, to give and give and forget that we need to take care of ourselves too. And if we don’t, there won’t be anything left of ourselves to give.

The Benefits of Self Care

There are many benefits to carving out time to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. One of which, is living to your full potential. Because if you’re operating at 50 percent, you’re not giving it all you have. Here are just some of the benefits of prioritizing self-care.

  • Reduced stress: Self-care may help you prevent and manage stress.
  • Improved mood: Self-care may help lessen anxiety and depression and boost your mood.
  • Increased productivity: Self-care may help you stay attentive, driven, and productive.
  • Elevated happiness and positivity: Self-care may boost your feelings of contentment and energy levels.
  • Heightened confidence: A national survey found that over two-thirds of Americans believe self-care helps to enhance self-confidence.
  • Decreased risk of disease: According to Southern New Hampshire University, self-care can reduce heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  • Stronger immune system: If you take care of yourself, your body will take care of you.
Self-care can also help you be more willing and able to give back to others.

Ways to Practice Self-Care

We all probably have a pretty good idea for what helps us to relax or feel energized—a warm bath, a workout, a long walk, enjoying a favorite hobby. But if you’re looking for more ways to practice self-care, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, we have you covered! Be sure to prioritize your time and squeeze in some of these practices each week.


Ways to Practice Physical Self-Care

  • Enjoy a salon service such as a haircut, manicure or pedicure
  • Exercise outdoors or attend a class at the gym
  • Eat a balanced diet and quit any bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Do an at-home spa day: use a face mask, exfoliate, deep condition your hair, moisturize your skin, etc.
  • Meditate or practice yoga
  • Make sleep a top priority, and try to keep a consistent sleep schedule
  • Drink plenty of water (pro tip: keep pitchers of cucumber lemon or orange water in the fridge for easy access)
  • Join a pick-up or amateur sports league
  • Get a massage (also a great form of stress relief)


Ways to Practice Emotional Self-Care

  • Place words of affirmation around your home or office
  • Take the time to chat with a friend in-person or on the phone
  • Do something artistic like painting, baking or playing an instrument
  • Carry Scentral Zone’s Stress Less wearable diffusers with you for taxing situations
  • Spend time with nature—go hiking, biking, or bird watching
  • Practice gratitude and mindfulness
  • Stay connected with loved ones
  • Light candles, inhale a blend of wearable essential oils or diffuse your favorite blend
  • Join a dance class or dance to some music in your kitchen


Ways to Practice Mental Self-Care

  • Write in a journal or diary
  • Read self-help books about the area of your concern
  • Pick up a new hobby like paint by numbers, fishing, or knitting
  • Revive an old favorite hobby you haven’t done in a while
  • Be comfortable saying “no” to social invitations and hefty tasks if you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Lessen your screen time, and take a break from social media


These are just a few ways to put yourself first!