How to Relax Naturally with Essential Oils 

How to Relax Naturally with Essential Oils 

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils To Help You Relax

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We all know that a relaxed mind is better for your health. But that’s often easier said than done. Not being able to put your mind at ease when you know you need to calm down is the worst. That’s when you turn to essential oils. If you’re looking for a relaxing and uplifting scent, look no further than Scentral Zone’s Stress Less diffuser. It’s filled with vanilla, ylang ylang, lavender and cassia essential oils to help put your mind at ease.

Let’s look into how stress affects your body, the long-term effects of stress, and how Scentral Zone’s diffusers can help you to relax and unwind naturally. 

How Does the Body Respond to Stress?

Your brain and body are constantly communicating with each other. When dealing with a stressor, the amygdala processes emotion and receives information about the stressor through your senses. And stress is unhealthy in so many different ways.

Stress can affect how you eat or drive you to engage in unhealthy behaviors. Cortisol is a stress hormone that rises during tension-filled times. This is what turns overeating into a habit. More stress leads to more cortisol which leads to a higher appetite for junk food. Weight gain can also happen through emotional eating. Increased levels of cortisol can cause an excess of nervous energy, which can cause you to eat more than you should and also make you crave unhealthy food. 

There is no doubt that stress is harmful to your body, mind and spirit. And the harmful effects of stress don’t stop there; there are more long-term effects of stress. 

First of all, let’s start by understanding how stress is unhealthy for your mind and body. Here are five long-term effects of stress: 

  • Physical effects of stress: You tend to get headaches, have trouble sleeping, get an upset stomach, and even can get high blood pressure, depression, panic attacks, and other forms of anxiety when stressed.
  • Mental effects of stress: Stress can affect you mentally with forgetfulness, frequent negative thoughts, and even speech problems. 
  • Emotional effects of stress: Stress can result in irritability, feelings of helplessness, anxiety, irritability, and lack of purpose. 
  • Behavioral effects of stress: Stress can make you overreact by abusing alcohol or drugs, being accident prone, and even cause you to show uncharacteristic aggression.

Poor concentration can be a threat to your performance at work, at home or at school. When stressed out you can have a hard time focusing on any task.

How Scentral Zone Can Help Relieve Stress 

Scentral Zone’s Stress Less scent clips uses two of the most popular essential oils for stress relief: lavender, and vanilla. It also contains two pleasant smelling essential oils known to combat anxiety symptoms: cassia and ylang ylang. 

  • Lavender essential oil is known as the most popular essential oil for relaxation and sleep. This essential oil has many calming properties—it can help you release tension, soothe racing thoughts, and encourage you to unwind. From being stressed out at work to just wanting to supercharge a relaxing evening, lavender is your best bet.
  • Vanilla essential oil has sedative properties. It may calm the nervous system and could help regulate blood pressure, as well as lessen hyperactivity and restlessness. It also appears to aid with anxiety and sadness, since it combines relaxation with a mood boost.
  • Cassia essential oil is a lesser known essential oil, but it packs a pleasant punch of scent. Think of it as a combination of cinnamon and vanilla. It can uplift your mood and induce warm feelings in the body and mind, helping to keep your mind at peace. The effect of this essential oil may also help fight depression
  • A small study found that ylang ylang essential oil decreased anxiety and helped to boost self-esteem when it was inhaled.

Stress has many negative impacts on your health. Now that you understand how stress can affect you, are you ready to take action? Scentral Zone’s Stress Less diffuser has what you need to relax and unwind. Go ahead and relax naturally with essential oils from Scentral Zone.