How Ginger Essential Oil Can Help With Nausea

How Ginger Essential Oil Can Help With Nausea

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Anti-Nausea

Potential Causes of Nausea

Nausea can be caused by many things including morning sickness, motion sickness, stress, anxiety, a stomach bug, or food poisoning. If you experience nausea often, you have probably tried countless over-the-counter remedies. But have you thought about a more natural solution to nausea? Essential oils are thought to be able to help ease the feelings of nausea. Ginger probably comes to mind first. And when you hear the word “ginger,” you may think about the spice used in cooking. However, ginger essential oil is also known to help settle a queasy stomach. Ginger is one of the main essential oils used in Scentral Zone’s Anti-Nausea diffuser, along with peppermint, bergamot and thyme. But let’s learn what ginger essential oil is, and how ginger essential oil can hep you with nausea or motion sickness.

What is Ginger Essential Oil? 

Ginger is an Asian flowering plant used as a spice in cooking, and used as a home remedy in many ways. Known as “The Oil of Empowerment,” ginger is thought to have several benefits. These benefits may include help with weight loss, osteoarthritis, indigestion, menstrual pain, cholesterol, and yes, nausea. Ginger essential oil is extracted from the rhizome, or the root, of the ginger plant.  

How Ginger Essential Oil May Help with Nausea

  • Ginger may help support digestion and help with an upset stomach – As a natural remedy, ginger may help with stomach ailments such as stomachaches, vomiting, colic, diarrhea, and spasms. In addition, it may help facilitate the elimination of toxins and boost digestion. For a long time, ginger root has been used as a digestive aid. Even as an essential oil, ginger still retains the benefits of being a digestive aid. 
  • Ginger may act as an appetite suppressant Some evidence suggests that ginger can act as an appetite suppressant. And it’s not a good idea to eat when you’re nauseous,
  • Ginger promotes relaxation and warmth Ginger essential oil may soothe and reduce feelings of stress, dizziness, anxiety, and fatigue. It may also enhance concentration. This may promote feelings of relaxation, which can help when dealing with nausea or motion sickness. 
  • Ginger may help infections to heal – Sometimes, nausea is caused by food poisoning or a stomach bug. Ginger essential oil has antiseptic agents that may kill infections caused by microorganisms and bacteria. This includes intestinal infections, bacterial dysentery, and food poisoning. 
  • Ginger may help with stomach discomfort Inhaling ginger essential oil may give you the aid you need. Inhaling ginger is essential oil is known to be effective against nausea. 
  • Ginger may help fight Inflammation – Lets start by understanding what inflammation is. Inflammation is a natural response that your body has when it is under stress. Ginger oil can relieve pain, swelling, and discomfort on joints or other sores on your body. 

Having an upset stomach feels terrible and makes it hard to be productive. If you experience frequent nausea because of pregnancy, motion sickness while traveling, or food sensitivities, essential oil can be your best companion. Simply clip Scentral Zone’s Anti-Nausea diffuser to your shirt collar and breathe in the ginger, peppermint, bergamot and lavender essential oils for some relief.